Bracelets and Watches – A Wrist’s best friend

You must have seen your favorite icons; the likes of Jay-Z, Jonny Depp, David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth adorning a really quirky and Uber cool bracelet paired brilliantly with a chic watch.

Bracelets and watches put together are nothing less than a match made in heaven. But even the matches made in heaven could go wrong. So how do we bring these two interesting elements together?

Matching Bracelets and Watches:

Watches add depth to a person’s personality. Usually men like to sport super exclusive and chic watches as accessories of self-expression and relevance. Other times it’s an Uber cool ornamentation of the wrist especially when paired immaculately and above all thoughtfully with a bracelet.

When matching a watch with a bracelet you should keep certain things in mind.


Textures play an essential part, especially when it comes to pairing a watch with a bracelet. Look out for bracelets that have a sense of your personal style in them. It is imperative that you pick and buy things that speak for you. While, Playing outside of your comfort zone can be fun, it is important to pick textures that only help establish and enhance your personal style and preferences but also help add depth and detail to the watch that you are paring it with.

For instance you can pair a silver watch with a slightly darker or matt bracelet. The matt surface will add dimension to your wrist. You can pair your silver with bracelets that are matt but do have a slight accent of silver in them, which could be in the form of a buckle or a bead – stone!

You can experiment with textures like wood, plastic, stones, beads, glass and silicon when choosing a bracelet. It is always fun to add multiple yet thoughtfully paired textures in order to spice things up!


It is always fun to experiment with colors. Not only that, it adds volumes to your personality too. However, it is essential to pair your watches meticulously with the right colored bracelets in order to really enhance your style. You can pair monochromatic watches and bracelets with a hint of color. Or take a color kamikaze and go absolutely all over the place with rambunctiously colorful bracelets and pair them with a slightly toned down watch.

Silver and gold goes well with monochromatic and dark colored bracelets, while Black and white watches can be paired with absolutely any colored bracelets.


You should experiment with leather, wood and thread bands when shopping for bracelets. Dark leather bands paired with classic silver or platinum watch can easily align well with your personal style and enhance your personality at the same time.

It is always important to keep your personal style and preferences in mind when matching and pairing bracelets and watches together. Staying true to your personality and style are the only key ingredients when it comes to matching the perfect bracelet with the chicest watch! Like Madonna says and I Quote “Express yourself don’t repress yourself” have fun!